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Through his paintings and murals, Tadlock aims to drive positive change in social behavior and individual empowerment by being a source of inspiration and a call to action.
México está donde estás tú
Tadlock’s artwork for mexican international mural project “Mexico is where you are” in Chicago, Illinois.
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The path of the warrior
26 ft x 18 ft, Spray-paint & Acrylics Commisioned mural for the Universidad De Las Américas Puebla (UDLAP) Puebla, Mexico.
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Chiapas, México
Mural project for Chilean Art Festival in Santiago de Chile, South America
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Tadlock Artwork for Street Art Today Museum project 2019 in Amsterdam, NL.
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Nessum Dorma
Tadlock's artwork won the contest to design and paint the main entrance of the Art Academy AD’A, Florence, It.
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Backbase Heroes
Tadlock's art collection for Fintech company in Europe.
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Novy heritage mural
Commissioned project for family owned restaurant business at the heart of Noe Valley District in San Francisco.
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Like a Rolling Stone
Indoor comissioned artworks project in Amsterdam, NL.
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Tadlock is an Fine Arts painter specializing in commissioned large-scale interior/exterior murals and street art for offices, businesses, centers, buildings, shops,restaurants, homes, events, live painting and more.Each piece of artwork we create is original, hand-painted and custom designed from your vision.


As a Master of Fine Arts, Tadlock paints mix media technique through the use of oils and spraypaint leading him to develop his style of ‘Magic Realism’.
Tadlock's Art collections and Comissioned canvas are arranged thru his partnership with Gallery444 in San Francisco, CA.

Art Experiences

Whether you are a dabbling Da Vinci, a practicing Picasso or brand new begginner, Tadlock is able to share his knowledge intended to unleash your artistic talent and enhance your creativity. Offering a wide variety of techniques workshops customized for all levels.

Gallery 444

Gallery 444 is a family owned and operated gallery located on Post Street in Union Square since 1993. Gallery 444 in San Francisco is proud to be Tadlock’s first American gallery.

The How

Are you interested in having an artwork from Tadlock?

Takes only 3 steps to understand the process. This is how it works:

1. Let's have a coffee
Let's meet up by scheduling an appointment. The outcome of the meeting will be:

Knowing the context.

Brainstorm ideas


2. Concept Development
After the quote has been approved and the payment has been made, it's time for the magic to flow.

Research + Sketching

Within 10 days a set of proposals must be ready to be shown.

Art Creation
Once the proposal has been approved, it's time to paint!

Average time: 1-2 weeks (depending on the complexity of the project). Technique: Mix media (Spraypaint & Acrylics)

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Meet the


Tadlock is a Mexican/American Figurative Painter. Raised between California, Southern Mexico and Western Europe he has been exposed to diverse cultures that have enriched him with a world vision for fine arts.

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